A new start – Un nuovo inizio

his is the story I prepared for my assessment in Story Coaching.

I dedicate it to my teacher, Lisa Bloom and to my collegue coaches who attended the training with me. Thank you!!

This is a story of a little blond girl named Silvia.

She really loved so much reading stories and discovering other’s people dreams, but she didn’t have a special dream on her future.

People used to ask her “Silvia, what would you like to do for work when you’ll grow up?”

There was no answer … and the future seemed so far far away.

However there was a secret dream: be a librarian in the public library but she didn’t know how to do it and there was also an handicap, she wasn’t able to write stories …

“How is it possible?” used to ask her mother “You read so much books”.

Silvia was sad and discouraged … a lot of friends seemed to have so clear minds about their future.

The years were passing … Silvia chose her high school, then chemistry as major at university.

Everything seemed so difficult … “Who Am I?” was the question without answer she was countinuosly asking herself.

At 25 years old she wasn’t able to finish university … she was frustrated and without clarity but she started an interesting part-time job and she discovered she was able to be supportive in others people’s choices.

Silvia started discovering her strenghts!!

A new start was coming: this discover took her to a new amount of energy and she realized that she wanted to start with a new university subject: sociology.

It was amazing, interesting and … everything started to be clearer. In the back of her head was borning a new secret dream: to support people to communicate better at work … that was very motivating to Silvia.

In the meanwhile she started receiving very good feed back in her ability to shot artistic pictures … so she discovered a new strenght: the ability to tell stories through images!

This discover took Silvia in front of a new choice: following the visual art path or working in a business sector? She made her choice.

A new start was coming!

She applied for an internship to start working to support young entrepreneurs in the business world and she changed totally her working life.

But the clarity about herself wasn’t so high: she wasn’t following her secret dream.

During a training to improve her skills she discoverd coaching, the perfect tool to fullfill her vision.

A new start was coming!

Silvia started the training to be a coach and succeed.

The future was still far away but there was a lot of light, clarity and with a lot of inner support from the strenghts she discovered and accepted to have.